System Recovery, Inc. offers valued added professional disaster recovery services for your most valuable asset - your data.

Media Sanitation

Optical Drive Testing

Application & EFT Testing



1) Remote Data Vaulting – Off-site data replication to a secure and hardened co-location.

2) Media Sanitation –Certify and destroy sensitive tape, hard drive, usb drive information.

3) Optical Drive Testing – Test optical drives for reliable recovery.

4) Local Data Replication & Backup Testing – Quarterly testing and verification of locally replicated data.

5) Application Testing Cycle – Test business critical applications for redundancy.

6) Application & EFT Testing – We will test your business critical application and EFT transmissions, to provide for a full recovery path for your institution.

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System Recovery, Inc. is a hands-on business continuation services firm headquartered and based in Walpole, Massachusetts.

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